Law changes to help societies comply with their rules

Legislation passed on 15 May 2020 gives incorporated societies relief from certain obligations in their rules that they may not be able to fulfil due to COVID-19. It also enables them to make use of electronic means (including electronic voting and the use of electronic signatures) when their constitution or rules wouldn't normally permit this.

Starting a society

To incorporate a society you must submit an application, along with the required documents, and pay a registration fee.

Before you can apply, however, there are a few things you’ll need to have already done.

Filing your annual financial statements

You must file annual financial statements with us, unless your incorporated society is registered with Charities Services.

There are two ways to file your annual financial statements. Which options you can use to file your annual financial statements will depend on when they are due.

Running your society

Once you've registered your incorporated society, you’re required by law to keep certain information about it up to date. This includes the society's addresses, name, and the rules by which it operates.

Societies must comply with their rules and also need to meet other legal obligations.

News and notices

Law changes to help businesses through COVID-19

The COVID-19 Response (Further Management Measures) Legislation Bill, introduced to Parliament on 5 May 2020, includes a wide range of measures to support businesses and other entities through the pandemic.

Primary Register: Companies Office Published:

Insolvency relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19

The Government will be introducing legislation to make changes to the Companies Act to help businesses facing insolvency due to COVID-19 to remain viable, with the aim of keeping New Zealanders in jobs.

Primary Register: Companies Office Published:

The impact of COVID-19 on incorporated societies

We appreciate that these are challenging times for everyone, and that circumstances related to COVID-19 may be affecting your ability to meet your legal and procedural obligations as an incorporated society over the coming months.

Primary Register: Incorporated Societies Published: